Tracking Features
  • TRACKING - Locate and track using GPS, Cell site or RF beacon*
  • RF TRACKING - Locate, track and DF using the integrated controllable RF beacon with unique signalling
  • ALERTS - Alerts sent when the tracking device has been tampered, power removed of blocked with a GPS jammer. The tracking device will alert if the vehicle it is fitted to is towed with the ignition started**
  • TRIGGER ALERTS - Multiple SMS , Email alerts when leaving or entering either a Geofence, POI or Rendezvous
  • FAT POINT - Automatically created when tracking devices are idling or stopped
  • REPLAY - Replay multiple routes simultaneously
  • ROUTE DEVIATION - Receive an alert if the tracking device deviates from a predefined route

*Where fitted ** Wired tracking devices only

  • SMART TRACK - Turn on/off integrated AV equipment to captcha footage of a target entering or exiting a predefined area


ALL of XTS UK made trackers are housed in a custom self-extinguishing enclosure for peace of mind.

Wired or Magnetic

Our trackers can either be wired into a vehicle powered from the main battery or magnetically attached for quick discreet deployment on any vehicle or asset.

All of our wired trackers contain an internal backup battery in the event of main battery removal. Our Smart magnetic trackers typically last up to 6 months depending on track mode. Our Long life magnetic asset trackers can last up to 2 years on a single charge.


Our tracking devices can be applied to many situations and because they are built by us we can tailor our trackers to be fitted inside almost anything. Here are a few examples:

  • Vehicles, quad bikes and trailers
  • Plant & agricultural vehicles
  • Power tools & machinery
  • High values assets & freight containers
  • Hazardous or dangerous loads
  • Cable, battery or metal theft
  • Human & livestock
  • Bait assets
  • Lone worker
  • Auditing