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Smart Tracking Remote Engine Cut Off


STRECO-iB is the complete security system that takes securing your motorcycle to the next level. With dual immobilsers, an AI Smart 'engine' that automatically immobilises your motorcycle and creates a safe parking zone each and everytime you park, and a GPS system that enables you to see every twist and turn live through the app as well as historic tracks, your Motorcycle has never been more secure.


The STRECO-iB will send you push notifications to keep you updated of anything untoward and will even immobilise your Motorcycle if found and disconnected by a thief and notify you it has done so.


You can share your live location and historic tracks to friends directly from the App through a live Google Map link. The STRECO-iB will also monitor the battery level on your motorcycle and tell you when it needs recharging. 


The Streco-iB makes it impossible to start your Motorcycle using the ignition alone, you need to authorise the ignition using the iButton. In the event your motorcycle is hijacked or stolen you can immobilise the engine and deauthorise the iButton system directly from your Smart Phone from anywhere in the World so even if the thief has your Keys and iButton the Motorcycle cannot be started...The engine will not start even if STRECO-iB is removed from the bike.


With the STRECO-iB GPS Tracker, you can rest assured that your motorcycle is safe and secure 24/7 



Compatible with Android and IOS

Push notifications include:

  • Ignition turned on
  • Ignition turned off
  • Immobiliser is set
  • Immobiliser is unset
  • AI parking fence created
  • AI parking fence has been triggered
  • Tampered - disconnected from Motorcycle
  • Tamper restore - re-connected to Motorcycle
  • Towed - moved with or without the ignition on



The STRECO-AI can be purchased as a 'DIY installation'. However to benefit from our full support and warranty the installation must be carried out, or checked and certified by an automotive electronic engineer. Please see our full Term & Conditions.

We currently have  authorised certified installers in the South East of England. Please contact us for more details


STRECO-iB GPS Tracker with iButton and Worldwide Immobiliser Function

  • Registration of STRECO-AI required to activate FREE 30-day subscription. Monthly and yearly subscriptions available from just £9.99 a month.

    Please review our STRECO-AI Subscriptions page for more details.

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